February 8, 2023 – Los Angeles, California

Blockchain platformReserveBlock has announced that its native asset will be listed on BitMart. The RBX market will open for trading on BitMart’s crypto exchange on February 8, 2023. The event follows recent listings on Bitrue and Deepcoin.

RBX secures ReserveBlock’s open source network and used to validate the PoA (proof-of-assurance) consensus on the decentralized tokenization layer one protocol. Its listing on BitMart will make RBX available to a global audience while increasing access to ReserveBlock’s growing ecosystem.

To mark the event, ReserveBlock will be running an AMA, competitions and RBX staking in conjunction with BitMart.

These initiatives will give the community an opportunity to learn more about RBX, its use cases and the ways in which they can participate in ReserveBlocks’ validator governance and earn randomized block rewards.

While adhering to the same principles and ethos as Bitcoin, ReserveBlock uses a novel PoA consensus. This provides a highly decentralized, liquid, near zero-fee and low-energy solution for securing the network and verifying transactions.

PoA’s lightweight design democratizes access to mining, allowing anyone to participate using a home computer.

The ReserveBlock protocol supports a broad range of applications that gives users exposure to powerful native tokenization on-chain tools and features with empowering utility.

It supports features such as on-chain royalty enforcement, multi-asset NFTs, wrapping and pairing of assets, P2P media transfer, domain name service and on-chain self-governance.

Additionally, ReserveBlock RBX just released its first post listing core wallet update, which is optional to all native users, and now provides users with OTA (over the air) wallet updates and an auto snapshot importer – as well as a number of ‘quality of life’ features that continue to improve efficiency for all with the Zenith wallet milestone release.

About ReserveBlock

ReserveBlock is an open source layer one blockchain built in C#. It captures the underlying principles of Bitcoin and applies them in a lightweight consensus that enables anyone to mine coins from a personal computer while contributing to network security.

ReserveBlock features a simple interface that removes existing barriers to efficient self-sovereignty and self-custody while democratizing participation, governance and asset management.

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About BitMart

BitMart provides a fast, secure and professional crypto trading platform for nine million users. It supports over 750 digital currencies and 800 trading pairs, forming a one-stop platform for cryptocurrency investment and management.

24/7 customer support is coupled with an advanced risk control system that makes use of hybrid hot/cold wallet systems and multi-signature technologies.


ReserveBlock Team

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