Following on from Luno’s recent acquisition by New York based Digital Currency Group, the much awaited trading fee reduction has now happened.  South Africa and Nigeria benefit the most in that the trading fees on BTC/ZAR and BTC/NGN have been slashed from 1% to 0.1% 

This massive reduction in Luno trading fees makes the BTC/ZAR & BTC/NGN fairly profitable and going forward, with the anticipated growth in volumes, Arbin anticipates that the arbitrage opportunities in this market will grow the the level of opportunity we are seeing in the other markets

Here is a snap-shot of the Bitcoin Arbitrage opportunities over the 24 hours (published 19/10/2020 @ 11:00

Arbfin is set to launch on 5 November 2020 covering numerous arbitrage opportunities in the markets below. Using Arbfin will assist arbitrage seekers to maximize the price differences occurring between Binance and Luno exchanges that occur thought the day and night. Depending on the market pair, some days reveal arbitrages of 4%, and on the odd occasion far larger. 

Via a detailed set of tutorials that will come free with membership, Arbfin members will learn exactly how to make a profit arbitraging crypto-currency using our unique methodology.

Our alert system notifies you when the arbitrage opportunities are in play.