Become an affiliate

All members are automatically registered as an affiliate. By referring friends, family, social media contacts or colleagues, you can generate a small income over and above the profits you will generate using the Arbfin system.

The affiliate program is reserved for Members only.

Limited Opportunity

Arbfin is limiting membership to 100 members per region. Membership will therefore be limited to a grand total of 500 members. The regions are divided as follows:

  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe

How the affiliate system works.

  •  Arbfin will pay you a 20% referral fee – ongoing. For as long as the member you referred continues with their membership, you will receive 20% of every payment received from referred members.
  • Your membership needs to remain current in order to collect your affiliate commission. The affiliate agreement lapses in the event of membership lapsing.
  • Affiliate commission is calculated at 20% of the US$ membership fee and paid to affiliates monthly on the 7th in Bitcoin. The Bitcoin / US$ conversion rate used will be the Bitcoin exchange price at Binance as at midnight on the last day of the month.
  • A minimum balance of $100 is required for a pay-out – Commission under $ 100 will be rolled forward to the following month

Renewal of lapsed membership

As membership is limited, whether a lapsed member can or can not renew will be dependant on the membership status at that point in time. Once 100 members are registered in a region, new applications will be added to a waiting list. When an existing members membership lapses, applicants on the waiting list will be invited to sign-up as members. Lapsed members, if a waiting list is in place, will unfortunately have to join the waiting list. If there is no waiting list, lapsed members will be able to renew as normal.

Getting your referral link
Login to your Arbfin membership account
Go to affiliate area
Identify your referral code

Become an affiliate with Crypto Arbitrage

Use this code in all and any promotions that your do to grow your affiliate revenue. You can drive referrals to any page on the website by configuring the Page url. In the example below, I am sharing the Oscillator methodology on my Facebook page.

Become an affiliate with Arbfin and earn with crypto arbitraging